WRIT: GSW Journal of First-Year Writing is a dynamic venue that highlights innovative, risk-taking writing projects created for General Studies Writing (GSW) courses. The journal provides students across GSW courses an opportunity to share their work and, in so doing, brings attention to highlight academic writing as an intellectual and creative enterprise. WRIT is a celebration of academic writing broadly writ.

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Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2 (2017)

We are so pleased to share the second issue of WRIT: GSW Journal of First-Year Writing. Much like the inaugural issue, the writing in this second issue exemplifies the amazingly hard work and continued effort of General Studies Writing students, representing several sections of GSW 1110 and GSW 1120.

As we have no doubt you will see reflected in this issue, we work in a richly talented, creative, and engaged community of writers. Authors in this issue explore topics from personal literacy narratives, to analyses of various discourse communities, to researched essays and video autoethnography projects. Each writer demonstrates curiosity and passion for their topic, displaying a genuine desire to know more about the communities in which we live and work. We are delighted and proud to share their writing here.

As we write this letter we have received more than 130 submissions to WRIT, with more coming in daily. Though we were not able to accept every submission we received for this issue, we want to thank all of the GSW students who have submitted their writing to WRIT.

A sincere note of thanks, too, to the instructors who have encouraged students to share their work with the GSW community. We could not have imagined such a positive response after publishing the first issue, and we look forward to more installments to come.

Happy reading,

Lee Nickoson and Kelly Moreland, eds.



Engagement Habit of Mind
Caityn Grismere


Writing and Reading
Madison Renee Peters Ms