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Developing innovations in teaching and learning mathematics by focusing on the process of developing and sharing good practices was more important than importing good practice from other places (Inprasitha, Isoda, Wang-Iverson, & Yeap, 2015b). Similarly, the Lesson Study project in Khon Kaen University and the (CO)2MP Elementary project in the United States seek to engage practicing teachers in developing their instruction of mathematics through Lesson Study incorporating Open Approach (Inprasitha, 2010) rather than giving them prescribed sets of curriculum to teach. The study examines the teaching practices and learning of teachers in Thailand and the United States as they participated in a modify Lesson Study within their respective schools. Participants included teachers in the Lesson Study Project conducted by Center for Research in Mathematics Education, Khon Kaen University, Thailand and teachers in the Lesson Study Project conducted through the (CO)2MP Elementary grant, Bowling Green State University, the United States. Method: a qualitative research design was used in this study. Data were collected by observations, interviews developed by Changsri (2012). Analysis: interviews were recorded and transcribed. The text from the observation notes and the interviews were considered together and coded for components of teaching practice and teachers learning about teaching practice. These codes were divided into evidence about teaching practice, lesson study systems, or evidence about teachers learning about the effect of lesson study based on Changsri (2012), Inprasitha (2010), and Matney (2014). The results reveal that 1) the components of teaching practice in a modify Lesson Study in Khon Kaen, Thailand and Ohio, United States were found to be similar and consisted of a lesson study team, teaching practices, and support, despite large differences in context and set up. The preparation and adaptation of each component in each context are very important, 2) teachers in Thailand and the United States who participated in a modify Lesson Study had many changes in their learning.

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Boonsena, N. , Inprasitha, M. , Changsri, N. and Matney, G. (2019) Teachers Learning about Teaching Practice in a Modify Lesson Study. Psychology, 10, 977-988. doi: 10.4236/psych.2019.107064.

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