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Managing chronic illness, especially something like cancer, affects more than the diagnosed person. Cancer also affects partners, families, and loved ones. In our study, we were interested in how cancer affects communication patterns between survivors and their partners. We wanted to apply a model that explains chronic illness management in couples to see if we could determine how parts of a relationship, uncertainty about cancer prognosis, and the confidence people have in talking with partners about the cancer affect couples’ ability to manage the disease.

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This essay appeared in the June 2015 issue of Communication Currents and was translated from the scholarly article: Magsamen-Conrad, K., Checton, M.G., Venetis, M.K., & Greene, K. (2015). Communication efficacy and couples’ cancer management: Applying a dyadic appraisal model.Communication Monographs, 82, 179-200. Link to publication on publisher's site:

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Communication Currents


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