How to Set Up a SelectedWorks Author Page

SelectedWorks pages are personal profiles designed for academics to announce and distribute their research and achievements. For BGSU authors, SelectedWorks operates in tandem with ScholarWorks@BGSU via a facility that enables material posted in ScholarWorks@BGSU to be automatically collected.

Setting Up Your Account

  1. To begin, go to and click the button ‘START Your SelectedWorks Site’. If you don’t have an account set up, click ‘Sign Up’ under ‘Create new account’ and complete the fields on the page as prompted.
  2. Choose your URL in the first text field, then, under ‘Identify Your Institution’ enter ‘Bowling Green State University’. Click ‘Find my institution’, then highlight ‘Bowling Green State University’ in the box below.
  3. From the hierarchy of subjects on the left, select all applicable subject areas. These will help identify your research within the Digital Commons network, in the same way that a selection of ‘keywords’ operates.
  4. Check the ‘Terms of Service’ box and click ‘Build Site Now’.

The system will then scan through all documents in the bepress system and compile a list of those which appear to include you as an author. Uncheck any items which should not be included, then click ‘Include document(s) in my selected works site’.

Editing Your Page

  1. Click the black ‘Edit My Site’ button at the top of the page.
  2. Click any of the black buttons; Edit My Photo, Edit My Background Info, Edit Links, Edit My Intro Paragraph.
  3. The ‘Edit About Me’ page contains several customizable aspects. Here you can change your email address, other contact info, upload a PDF of your CV, and add titles and affiliations. Should you happen to leave BGSU, this page will allow you to change your affiliated institution; you will still be able to maintain your SelectedWorks page and the BGSU branding will be removed. Bear in mind that you may need to change the email address associated with your SelectedWorks account at this stage, if your account was originally set up using a BGSU email address.
  4. The button ‘Categorize My Writings’ allows you to choose whether to categorize by subject headings or document type, and provides the option (selected by default) to show a 2-line preview of your documents. At any point, you can click the black ‘View Site’ button at the top of the page to see the site just as a visitor would.
  5. Clicking the button ‘Collect bepress Content’ at any time will prompt the system to scan through all the content uploaded to bepress repositories, searching for items which list you as an author. You will then be able to include these in your SelectedWorks page.

Uploading Content

  1. If you have a post print of your item, or if the publisher allows their final version to be included in an institutional repository, or if your item has no copyright restrictions, please contact ScholarWorks@BGSU staff to upload the material. Once staff have uploaded your item/s, clicking ‘Collect bepress Content’ will make the item show in your SelectedWorks page, with a link to the full text.
  2. If you want to upload details of an item without a link to the full text, click the ‘Upload Content’ button. This will open a new page, with fields to enter the details of your item, including document type, authors, citation, etc.
  3. Once you’ve finished editing your page, the adjustments will not be made public until you click the ‘Update Site’ button. This will generate an email to you (usually within a couple of minutes), advising that the changes have been made visible. The site is automatically updated every night, so don’t worry if you forget to do it.