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A bird and bat monitoring system has been developed that uses marine radar, IR camera and acoustic recorders for wind farm applications. IR video recording is used to monitor birds and bats activity which will be useful for wildlife biologists in developing mit igation techniques to minimize impact of wind turbines on birds and bats. The goal is to quantify birds and bats activity near wind turbines. Radar will provide z-coordinate (alt itude) and IR camera will provide (x, y) coordinates of birds/bats. Acous tic monitoring is used to identify birds and bats at their species level. This paper deals with the use of marine radar for determining altitudes, direction and quantity (passage rates) of birds/bats. Data from the marine radar is digitized and processed with open source radR software. Since the data is unknown tracking and quantification can be very challenging. This paper deals with the sensitivity analysis and effects of various parameters used in the tracking algorithm so resulting data can be meaningful.

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American Journal of Signal Processing


DOI: 10.5923/j.ajsp.20130303.05

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