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Length-of-Day (LOD) measurements represent variations in the angular momentum of the solid Earth (crust and mantle). There is a known ~6-year LOD signal suspected to be due to core-mantle coupling. If it is, then the core flow associated with the 6-year LOD signal may also deform the mantle, causing a 6-year signal in the deformation of the Earth’s surface. Stacking of Global Positioning System (GPS) data is found to contain a ~6-year radial deformation signal. We inverted the deformation signal for the outer core’s flow and equivalent angular momentum changes, finding good agreement with the LOD signal in some cases. These results support the idea of subdecadal core-mantle coupling, but are not robust. Interpretation of the results must also take into account methodological limitations. Gravitational field changes resulting from solid Earth deformation were also computed and found to be smaller than the errors in the currently available data.

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Scientific Reports


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