Psychology Ph.D. Dissertations

Exacerbation and Attenuation of Ego-Depletion

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



First Advisor

Anderson Richard

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Leventhal Laura (Committee Member)

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Klopfer Dale (Committee Member)

Fourth Advisor

Zickar Mike (Committee Member)


The present study investigated relationships between Need for Cognition (NFC) and two independent aspects of the Ego-depletion phenomenon. Experiment 1 examined the possibility that given a relatively equal quantity of resource consumption, high NFC individuals are, under specific circumstances, less susceptible to the ego-depletion phenomenon. Experiment 2 examined the possibility that, under specific circumstances, high NFC individuals might also be susceptible to greater resource consumption than low NFC individuals; thus exacerbating the ego-depletion phenomenon. The data did not support this hypothesis either. Instead, the results from Experiments 1 and 2 raise the prospect that through a lifelong tendency to cognize, high NFC individuals develop a more resource-efficient cognitive system capable of prolonged cognitive activity before performance impairments occur. However, once a sufficient quantity of resource is consumed, high NFC participants are just as susceptible to performance impairments as low NFC individuals.