Psychology Ph.D. Dissertations


Exploring the Time Course of Object Persistence in Apparent Motion: Studies with the Simple Apparent Motion Display and the Ternus Display

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)



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Dale Klopfer (Advisor)

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Guy Zimmerman (Committee Member)

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Mary Hare (Committee Member)

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Howard Cromwell (Committee Member)


In the experiments reported here, we tested the relationship between the processing of object persistence and the subjective reports of motion in two apparent motion displays. We measured both factors across different experiments while manipulating the duration of the interstimulus interval, something known to affect the subjective experience of motion in the displays under investigation. We found that the measures of object persistence did not wholly match the reported experience of motion in the displays at the various levels of the interstimulus interval. We offer a number of suggestions as to why this may have occurred, varying from limitations in the methodology to limitations in our understanding of the processing of object persistence and its relationship to subjective experience.