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Effect of Term Limits on the Election of Minority State Legislators

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The number of minorities increased in the lower houses of the state legislatures of California, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania during the 1990s. California and Michigan have legislative term limits; Georgia and Pennsylvania do not. Compared with California, where the number of minorities elected grew dramatically, Michigan had a much smaller increase. The increase in minority representatives in Georgia was similar to that of Michigan, but the increase in Pennsylvania was only marginal. The disparate election outcomes between term-limited California and Michigan, in conjunction with similar results in Michigan and non-term-limited Georgia, suggest that term limits help minority candidates only under certain circumstances.

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This article originally appeared in"State and Local Government Review." Volume 35, issue 3, Fall 2003. The article can be found at the Sage Journal's website using: 10.1177/0160323X0303500304.

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Fall 2003

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State and Local Government Review


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