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The anisotropic thermal expansion of a single crystal of KLu WO4 2 KLuW , obtained by the top-seeded solution growth method, has been investigated over a wide temperature range 50– 600 °C . The linear thermal-expansion tensor has been determined and its principal X, Y, and Z axes are in the 705 , 010 , and 107 crystallographic directions, respectively. The principal thermal-expansion coefficients I, II, and III are 12.8 10−6, 7.8 10−6, and 22.2 10−6 K−1, respectively. The principal axis with maximum thermal expansion Z with III=22.2 10−6 is located at 10.37° from the c axis. In comparison with KGd WO4 2 and KYb WO4 2, the thermal-expansion anisotropy of KLuW is weaker and therefore optical-quality crystals are easier to obtain than with KGdW and KYbW from a thermal-expansion standpoint.

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Journal of Applied Physics