Trust, Trustworthiness, Trust Propensity, Social Determinants of Health, and Not-for-profit Healthcare Organizations: Is there an Impact on Relations?

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Doctor of Organization Development & Change (D.O.D.C.)


Organization Development

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Michelle Brodke (Committee Chair)

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Farida Selim (Committee Member)

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Debra Ball. (Committee Member)

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Michael Zickar (Committee Member)


The social determinants of health (SDOH) are a focus for many not-for-profit (NFP) healthcare organizations. The goal is to address the negative SDOH through different initiatives and improve the overall health of the communities that the NFP healthcare organizations serve. Many initiatives are deployed to treat the negative SDOH present in communities. The present research looked at relations between trust, trustworthiness, distrust in healthcare, awareness of the SDOH initiatives, and trust propensity. A quantitative study was performed with participants who evaluated different SDOH initiatives, perceptions of trustworthiness of healthcare organizations, trust propensity, and generalized distrust in healthcare systems. Findings indicate trust having a positive relation with awareness and a negative relation with trustworthiness, as well as perceptions of trustworthiness having a negative relation to distrust and a positive relation with trust propensity. There is also an indirect positive relation of awareness of the SDOH initiatives on trustworthiness through distrust in healthcare.