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This Family Profile, an update to previous profiles on the divorce rate (FP-17-24; FP-18-21; FP-19-23; FP-20-25), depicts adjusted divorce rates for the nation and each state for 2020. Please note, the standard 2020 ACS 1-year data products will not be released due to the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic on data collection and data quality (for more information click here). As such, the estimates in this report for the year 2020 were derived from NCFMR analyses of ACS 1-year Experimental PUMS data. We estimated the number of divorces occurring in the last year among married women and describe geographic variation in the divorce rate. Because the standard 1-year estimates were not released, we do not include margins of error in the tables or figures as in prior profiles. For detailed information on the adjusted divorce rate from 2008-2020, see “Charting Marriage & Divorce in the U.S.: The Adjusted Divorce Rate” (Westrick-Payne, 2022).

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