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There is a well-documented educational gradient in marriage, with smaller shares never-married among the highly educated than among the less educated (FP-22-01). However, the population of college-educated individuals has increased, and there is growing heterogeneity among this population. In turn, there is likely heterogeneity in the marriage experience among those with a bachelor’s degree. This profile uses the American Community Survey (ACS) to examine the share of adults aged 35-39 with a bachelor’s degree or more by race/ethnicity and gender and, among this group, the share never-married by race/ethnicity and gender in 2005 and 2019. We focus on those aged 35-39 because this age bracket is above the median age at first marriage (the age in which at least 50% of people were married) in 2019 for college-educated men and women (FP-21-12) and is above the average age of those enrolled in higher education in the U.S. (Fishman et al., 2017).

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