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Marital behavior has changed dramatically in the U.S. (FP-21-24), with variation across sociodemographic characteristics such as education and race-ethnicity (FP-21-12). Using data from the American Community Survey (ACS), this profile examines the share of never-married men aged 35-39 by race-ethnicity and educational attainment. We focus on those aged 35-39 because this age bracket is above the median age of first marriage (the age in which at least 50% of men were married) in 2019 (FP-21-12) and captures most first marital experiences. White, Black, and Asian refers to those who are non-Hispanic and report a single race in the ACS, and Hispanic refers to those who report their ethnicity as Hispanic, regardless of race. Those with a two-year degree are included in the “some college” category.

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