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There are a number of reasons young adults live with their parents, including mental health, finances (Sandberg-Thoma et al., 2015), family connectivity, characteristics of the parental home, and physical health of parents (South & Lei, 2015). Patterns of parental co-residence vary by age, gender, and school enrollment. Using the Current Population Survey (CPS), we produce an update on young adults’ parental co-residence by age, gender, and school enrollment from 2007 through 2021. This update provides a glimpse into the residential patterns of young adults at time points associated with the beginning of and nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic (shown by the gray shading in the figures). We define parental co-residence as living with one’s own parent(s) or a partner/spouse’s parent(s). This family profile updates previous profiles on parental co-residence using recent data (FP-19-04, FP-16-16, and FP-12-22).

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