Introduction to Levant Folk Music: An Auditory Excursion

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Semaan takes the listeners on a musical journey not only to the lands of cedars, honey and milk, vineyards and olive groves but also to a core of Arab America’s musical heritage that is as popular as it was centuries ago. After a brief introduction to the Arabic-speaking countries, Seeman discusses the diversity that exists between and within these countries. Accompanied by singing demonstrations by Arab-American singer and musician Remon Maamary, Semaan introduces three forms of Levant Folk Music namely mawal,aataba and Moulayah. Semaan and Maamary take the listener on an auditory excursion discussing, comparing, contrasting and illustrating these forms of levant folk music which one will hear in that region, as well as in Arab America's music, at different celebrations, parties and commemorations. One might also hear these forms of folk music sung by farmers and shepherds while walking between the olive groves and vineyards of the region.

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