Master of Technology Management Plan II Graduate Projects

Date of Award

Fall 5-6-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Technology Management-Construction Management


Construction Management

First Advisor

Alan Atalah

Second Advisor

Sudershan K Jetley


Earthquakes are considered as one of the most dangerous, destructive, and unpredictable natural disasters. Throughout the centuries, millions of people and thousands of structures have perished in earthquakes all over the world. Nepal is the 11th most earthquake prone country and has a history of devastating earthquakes as it falls within high seismic region. The geological structure and presence of active tectonic plates are the main reason behind occurrence of earthquakes. However, the impact of earthquakes in the capital city Kathmandu has continued to grow due; population growth, high rate of unplanned urbanization, use of inappropriate design in the construction of buildings, lack of basic infrastructures, inappropriate organization system, and lack of awareness. This project aims to reduce the impact of earthquakes in the life and property of the Kathmandu community by developing a risk management and response plan. The project analyzed the status of preparedness and prevention measure adopted by the community, vulnerability of buildings, people’s awareness, and proposed the best strategy to reduce the impact of earthquake to the local people. The objectives were completed by the analysis of data obtained through the literature review, interviews and survey conducted by Community Disaster Management Committee at the study area. Detailed study of the mitigation measures of earthquake followed by other earthquake prone countries was done.