Master of Technology Management Plan II Graduate Projects

Date of Award

Summer 7-30-2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Technology Management-Construction Management


Construction Management

First Advisor

Dr. Alan Atalah


Pipe bursting is a trenchless method for replacing old deteriorated or under sized pipe by fracturing or splitting. Earlier published pipe bursting specifications do not completely cover the current state of the art and without proper allocation of risks. Specifications are set of written instructions given by the owner to the contractor. The developed Pipe Bursting specification with HDPE will help the owners, contractor, and engineers to carry out a successful burst timely and economically. In this research study, sixteen specifications from various sources were collected. Various agreements and disagreements among these specifications were identified, analyzed, and considered while developing the draft specification reflecting the current state of art. Based on these findings, the following topics are identified for the specification and instructions are given accordingly: General, Definitions, Reference Standards, Qualifications of the Contractor, Submittals, Pipe Fusion, Methods of Pipe Bursting, Testing and Inspection, Locating Utilities and Service Connections, Bypassing the flow, Traffic Control Plans, Service Reconnection, and Site Restoration. The proposed draft specification adopted the statements agreed upon by the majority of the specifications and conformity with the current state of the art. Peer reviewing by industry experts can further develop the draft specifications.