Master of Technology Management Plan II Graduate Projects

Date of Award

Summer 2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Technology Management-Quality Systems

First Advisor

Dr. John W. Sinn

Second Advisor

Dr. Todd C. Waggoner


The purpose of this project is to give a background and assessment of the quality specialization of the Master’s degree presently being awarded at Bowling Green State University’s College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering compared to other degrees of a similar type. The program now awarding the degree is described. The literature review discusses topics and ideas pertinent to the project and is necessary to better understand the research and assessment of the degree. The methodology and procedure section identifies the course of investigation and defines what form the gathered data will take. The Results chapter presents the findings of the investigation as they apply to the project objectives. Finally, the Summary, Observations & Comments chapter condenses the results, allows for side and miscellaneous observations pertaining to the project and opens the door for the researcher to offer suggestions for future studies along the same line of inquiry as the project.

Powers Project Data Final.xlsx (60 kB)
Excel file containing project data