Master of Technology Management Plan II Graduate Projects

Date of Award

Spring 2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Technology Management-Quality Systems

First Advisor

John W. Sinn

Second Advisor

C. Wayne Unsell

Third Advisor



This project studied the effects of implementing auditing procedures in a student organization. The research objective in this project was to test whether the quality audit model was suitable for a university student organization. To identify the need for an audit model for the student organization, this project used the ISO 9001, QMS, DID, and DOD models on the accounts from the ASQ Student Branch at BGSU to identify the risk on the business and the cost benefit from the assurance that was offered by the Quality Audit Model. The findings have implications for both future internal auditing and control for the ASQ Student Branch at BGSU and other student organizations who wish to develop advance business assurance services.