Master of Arts in Media and Communication Plan II Graduate Projects

Social media marketing: A solution for marketing and advertising agency promotion


For small to mid-sized marketing and advertising agencies, recruiting new clients can be a challenge. One strategy to reach target audiences is through social media. Marketing and communications managers spend more time online researching vendors and agency partners. In order to be considered a solution for marketing and advertising needs, an agency must have an enticing online presence that addresses interests of the client. A strong social media marketing plan is important for agencies to distinguish themselves from competition by demonstrating their differentiated thought leadership and unique capabilities. However, many agencies are unsure of how to engage with potential clients through this popular communication platform.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the literature on social media marketing, thought leadership, social exchange theory and media richness theory, to recommend best practices for a small to mid-sized marketing and advertising agency to reach prospective clients through social media. Identifying recommended social media tactics and rationale will contribute to the design of an execution plan to help maximize social media efforts to increase brand awareness and client leads. This systematic literature review will assist and inform the development of a social media strategy and overall marketing plan for R/P Marketing and Public Relations in Northwest Ohio. This study will contribute to existing literature on social media marketing and provide small to mid-sized marketing and advertising agencies with the strategies and elements to successfully create a social media marketing plan.

Publication Date

Summer 8-27-2017

Document Type

Plan II Graduate Project

Committee Chair

Dr. Claudia Y. Owens

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