Master of Arts in Media and Communication Plan II Graduate Projects


The debate of customers canceling their cable TV subscriptions and relying on a mix of free and subscription based streaming video providers for their video entertainment has been ongoing for several years. A combination of low cost alternative video sources, rising programming costs, and changing viewing habits are causing small cable TV companies to review their strategies for attracting new customers. This study focuses on two groups of consumers referred to as the cord-cutters and cord-nevers. The cord-cutters are consumers who had cable TV service and canceled, and the cord-nevers are consumers who have never had cable TV as their main video entertainment source. The size of these two groups is forecasted to grow in the coming years making it ever important for small cable TV companies to develop a strategy to understand, engage, and attract the cord-cutter and cord-never groups.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the literature from scholarly and industry sources to determine strategies small cable companies can use to advertise and attract cord-cutter and cord-never customers. Evidence-based quantitative and qualitative research was used to analyze what factors are leading customers to unsubscribe from cable TV service, or never subscribe to cable TV at all. This study will contribute to scholarly literature and provide industry practitioners with a better understanding of the size, viewing habits, and a model to attract the cord-cutter and cord-never groups.

Publication Date

Summer 6-30-2017

Document Type

Plan II Graduate Project

Committee Chair

Dr. Claudia Y. Owens