Master of Arts in Media and Communication Plan II Graduate Projects


In 2014, the National Football League (NFL) faced extreme criticism for the way it handled the three domestic violence cases that emerged into the spotlight. The Ray Rice video that showed him punching his at-the-time fiancé, as well as the several other domestic violence cases among NFL players that quickly followed, shed a light on what seemed to be a well-hidden problem within the league. Since being in the public eye, the league has not been effective with its communication efforts to prevent the issue of domestic violence and rebuild its reputation among stakeholders. This project uses evidence-based literature to explore the extent to which the NFL’s current domestic violence campaign has been successful among its fans, as well as determine what effective crisis management communication tactics and practices the NFL should implement to create a successful reputation management crisis communication plan for a domestic violence incident.

Publication Date

Summer 7-6-2017

Document Type

Plan II Graduate Project

Committee Chair

Dr. Claudia Owens