Master of Arts in Media and Communication Plan II Graduate Projects


Food insecurity among international students in higher education is a pressing issue often overlooked by universities. This project addresses this gap by exploring food insecurity among international students at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) through participant narratives, cultural connections, and recipes collected via interviews. Diverse international students were purposively sampled, reflecting various academic disciplines, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds. Semi-structured interviews facilitated the sharing of personal stories and cherished recipes, which were analyzed to identify recurring themes and cultural commonalities.

The project resulted in the creation of the Falcon Food Pantry International Cookbook, compiling culturally resonant recipes to empower students and staff to prepare nutritious meals despite limited means. This cookbook not only addresses food insecurity practically but also fosters a sense of community and belonging. Moreover, it raises awareness of food insecurity among international students and advocates for institutional support and policy changes.

A literature review underscores the prevalence and impact of food insecurity on college students, emphasizing the need for tailored interventions and communication strategies. Localized efforts at BGSU, such as the Falcon Care Program and the Food Security and Sustainability Center, complement broader national trends and provide valuable insights into addressing food-related challenges.

This project offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and mitigating food insecurity among international students, highlighting the importance of cultural sensitivity, community engagement, and institutional support.

Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2024

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Plan II Graduate Project

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Dr. Sandra Faulkner

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Dr. Shannon Orr

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Dr. James Foust

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