Master of Arts in Media and Communication Plan II Graduate Projects


There are many topics of discussion that are considered controversial when taught in school systems. One of the most common topics is sexual health education and the material being distributed from teachers to students in a classroom setting. Although there is plenty of research that defines sexual health education as a benefit and positive outcome for lowering sexually transmitted infections and unintended teenage pregnancy, there is still concern about topics regarding sexual activity to adolescents in middle school and high school. One of the best ways to approach a sensitive and controversial topic in academic research is by applying creative scholarship practices such as performance that can reach a wide audience. Through the unique approach of a YouTube web series entitled The Confessions of a Sex Ed Teacher, the show will capture three important components that have been identified through research. First, abstinence-only approaches mandated by the school system has blocked a path to further engage in understanding and gain knowledge on the importance of sexual health. Second, the significance of teacher immediacy when engaging in sexual health in a classroom environment. Finally, providing different pedagogical practices that teachers can integrate and promote within the classroom to encourage communication and skills. Through this perspective, it will give better insight into sexual health education for individuals who may not be fully acquainted with the class’s intentions and show the true meaning of sexual health education with practical and applicable inclusive and pedagogical practices.

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2020

Document Type

Plan II Graduate Project

Committee Chair

Dr. Sandra Faulkner

Committee Member

Dr. Emily Anzicek


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The Confessions of Sex Ed Teacher Part 1 -

The Confessions of Sex Ed Teacher Part 2-

The Confessions of Sex Ed Teacher Part 3-

The Confessions of Sex Ed Teacher Part 4-

The Confessions of Sex Ed Teacher Part 5-