Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology Plan II Graduate Projects


The purpose of this project is to research, develop, deliver and evaluate a continuing education unit based on the concept of the living classroom. The unit was designed for Education Managers and other industry experts to present to Architects and Designers (A&D) who are associated with the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The trainees were both educated in the role of student and instructor. The overall project goal was to educate those associated with the educational industry and educate them about the learning revolution that is transforming the way we teach and learn and how this revolution has changed the current classroom design. We want to inform designers about 21st century, non-linear classroom furniture needs and how to implement the living classroom concept. It is important for those associated with the educational furniture industry to understand how the classroom is changing and what the currents needs of teachers and students are so that they can design a space that is functional in today’s world.

Attendees actively participated in the one hour-long unit where they were encouraged to contribute in discussions. Upon completion, students completed an open round-table designed knowledge quiz where they discussed learning objectives and how best to present this course to future A&D learning communities. Participants concluded that the continuing education unit was a good synopsis of the six-zone classroom, and many noted that they particularly liked how the learning styles were incorporated.

First Advisor

Dr. Fei Gao

Second Advisor

Dr. Gary Benjamin

Publication Date

Spring 5-8-2015