Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology Plan II Graduate Projects


Sara MurphyFollow


The Bowling Green State University (BGSU) American Society for Quality (ASQ) student branch seeks to provide current and prospective students the opportunity to expand or build upon current and evolving quality principles. This project seeks to provide the ASQ student branch the opportunity to develop documented systems of daily operations and other activities in relation to the defined BGSU ASQ student branch organizational objectives. The research associated with this project will provide detailed information related to the organizational requirements to aid in the development of documented systemic procedures. The information also indicates what practices should be in place to ensure all documented procedures are utilized and maintained in a manner that allows the individuals involved the ability to review accurate information reflecting the current state and objectives of the organization. This project and all related research will publish the BGSU ASQ student branch documents that will outline all organizational activities and related functions. The information is intended to be accessible by leadership members and also faculty/advising individuals.

First Advisor

Dr. John W. Sinn

Second Advisor

Dr. Alan Atalah

Publication Date

Summer 6-15-2015