Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology Plan II Graduate Projects


The purpose of this project was to research, develop, deliver and evaluate a module-based training course that would be delivered online within a week’s timeframe to asynchronously train instructors in the use of Canvas learning management system (LMS) in the context of a campus environment with specific LMS use policies, versus the more comprehensive look provided by the Canvas help guides.

This course, Canvas 101 was delivered in the Canvas environment with the trainee in the role of both student and teacher. While the trainees worked in the course as students, they were required to perform ungraded tasks in an instructor role in order to create a course. This was accomplished in their own Free-for-Teacher’s account. Upon completion of the module, assignments trainees completed a knowledge-check to assess their comprehension of the lessons. To move to the next module, the trainee had to attain an eighty percent score. Trainees had unlimited attempts to complete these knowledge-checks. Upon completion of the modules with an over-all score of eighty percent, the trainee would gain access to a final module containing a survey that explored the effectiveness of the Canvas 101 lesson content and its delivery.

Graduates of Canvas 101 reported that the course was effective in training them to use the Canvas learning management system. While the results of the exit survey support this assertion, only four of six participants graduated with an eighty percent or higher on their final score.

Publication Date

Winter 12-10-2014