Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology Plan II Graduate Projects


This project focused on the rationale and development procedures for a computer-based training module for the purpose of instructing officials on the safe and fair conduct of three-position air rifle competitions. While hundreds of competitions are conducted around the country each year, no training existed for the officials in this specific shooting discipline. This project aimed to establish consistent training so that all competitions are conducted by at least one trained official. The learning module was developed using the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation (ADDIE) model of instructional systems design. After the course was developed, data was collected to help evaluate and determine the effectiveness of the course. Course evaluations were completed by volunteers to solicit feedback on course effectiveness, ease of operation, and overall value.

First Advisor

Dr. Shelley W. Moore

Second Advisor

Dr. Fei Gao

Publication Date

Winter 12-9-2016