Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology Plan II Graduate Projects


Motivation is a huge factor in the success of students at all ages, especially in this fast paced technological world we live in. So - what motivates people to learn? Better yet, what, plain and simply, motivates people? Digital and non-digital games have a strong grasp on the attention of people across the world. They provide competition and mental stimulation that many people just cannot find in reality. Games engage players in unique problem solving situations, let them explore and satisfy curiosity, and connect players around the world who otherwise would never meet. Every achievement offers a reward and increase in status and gratification for the player. Research shows that utilizing these game-based trends as an educational tool will help educators increase student motivation to learn and create an enhanced environment for learning to occur. The Game-Based Learning Resource site will provide a central location for links, resources, community collaboration, and up-to-date research, for any educator interested in taking advantage of game-based learning.

First Advisor

Fei Gao

Second Advisor

Donna Trautman

Publication Date

Spring 4-24-2015