Media and Communication Ph.D. Dissertations


"Killing in Silence: Alternative and Mainstream Media Coverage of U.S. DRONE STRIKES."

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


Media and Communication

First Advisor

Joshua Atkinson (Advisor)

Second Advisor

Clayton Rosati (Committee Member)

Third Advisor

Joseph Oliver Boyd Barrett (Committee Member)

Fourth Advisor

Cynthia Hendricks (Committee Member)


This dissertation focuses on the media coverage of U.S. drone strikes by both mainstream and alternative media sources. Chapter 1 introduces some background on alternative media and drone strikes and introduces the main points of the project. Chapter gives an extended literature review of ideology, media and power and alternative media to establish the parameters of the study and establish previous work on similar topics. Chapter 3 establishes both the method and methodology of the study, including why I conducted the study I did and how I processed the information from both mainstream and alternative media. Chapter 4 includes the results from both the mainstream media and alternative media texts I used in this study. Finally, Chapter 5 reviews my contributions to the literature along with future research based on the findings of this study.