"Reading From the Heart"



"The mother-infant relationship is the place where we learn to love and where we learn to speak; it is the source and model for all our subsequent intimate relationships." Suzanne Juhasz "

Even as mother-daughter love is excruciatingly complex, a nexus of need, expectation, desire, anxiety, loss, idealization, disappointment, hurt, and joy, so the writing that occurs within this relationship demonstrates a range of impulses -to recreate, reconcile, rescue, repair, attack, incorporate, reject, resurrect, and reimagine: points on a spectrum from seduction to mutuality." Suzanne Juhasz Professor Suzanne Juhasz will address how the process of writing participates in enacting and negotiating mother/ daughter relationships in later life. Her talk suggests that the mother-daughter relationship represents the source and model for all subsequent intimate relationships in life and seeks to explore how that relationship is played out between and among adult mothers and daughters in poetry, fiction, and autobiography.

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