Honors Projects


As part of both a personal endeavor and an academic project, I have investigated the aetiology and treatment of seemingly idiopathic and debilitating leg pain in a patient over the past 10 years. Via collaboration with medical professionals at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati Premier Physical Therapy, and Cincinnati Women’s TriHealth, I have identified sources of pain at the anatomical level. The combination of internal femoral torsion, external tibial torsion, pes planus, and bony fusions appear to be major perpetuators of the pain. An effective treatment continues to be evasive. To date, I have attempted to find answers through genetic approaches, neurological approaches, and orthopaedic approaches. At this point, none have yielded progress. One hypothesis proposes that the patient may represent a unique and previously undiagnosed syndrome. A greater understanding of how her maladaptive anatomical structure and neuromuscular functions interact may increase the likelihood of developing an effective pain management plan. The patient’s case contributes valuable insight into the impact of skeletal torsion and fusion.


Honors Program



First Advisor

Karen Sirum

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Stephen Langendorfer

Second Advisor Department

Exercise Science

Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2026

Available for download on Monday, April 20, 2026