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Biodiversity encompasses the variety of all life on Earth and how these aspects of nature interact with each other. To have stable and abundant biodiversity, vast amounts of species and organisms are required within an ecosystem. As a result of the increase in negative impacts of human activities and behaviors on the health of nature, biodiversity has been decreasing. An example of the decrease in biodiversity is depicted by the recent decline of the monarch butterfly species. The monarch butterfly is an iconic North American insect that is experiencing a decline in its population due to threats such as deforestation, increased herbicide usage, and climate change. In this compilation of research and data, research that has been conducted regarding the status of the monarchs and their conservation is outlined. Although the species is currently declining, research is implying that with proper conservation methods, the monarch population numbers can rebound, and it will have a positive impact on the planet’s biodiversity.


Biological Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Pavuk

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Biological Sciences

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Mr. Jay Jones

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Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2024