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Today’s society is consumer driven. People wake up and check their social media, and they are bombarded with product promotion and brand campaigns. On their commute to work, they may see billboards advertising local businesses. In the grocery store, they rely on the packaging to guide their purchasing decisions. Advertising is weaved within our society. Advertising itself is not a problem. In fact, we rely on advertising to guide our purchase decisions. While an art form, advertisements at their core portray ideals. A travel company may portray an ideal destination, a furniture store may portray an ideal home, or a technology company may portray the ideal gadget-filled lifestyle – all to make a profit. This promotion of ideals can be dangerous as well, in cases of alcohol, drugs, or – the focus of this study – body image. It is important to note that body weight is not the only factor that constitutes body image, but body image is instead a comprehensive perception of a person’s body entirely in combination with information they consume about their body (Selensky and Carels 2021).



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Dr. Lori Ligget

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Deborah Houk Schocket

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Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2024