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Auditory surveys are common in anuran research as they can tell a lot about a species without being intensely laborious or costly. There has not been much research on training periods for those taking part in the surveys. Proper training is necessary and improper training can hinder a project and lead to skewed results. In this study, we took students from several biology 2040 classes and had them study the calls of 11 frog species in NW Ohio. From the data, we can conclude that 2 weeks of roughly 100 minutes of study time is not enough for successful results as the final average score was 48.58%. An accuracy rating of less than 50% could lead to incredibly inaccurate results, which would cause many problems for the research project using those surveys.


Marine and Aquatic Biology

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Ecology and Conservation Biology

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Karen Root

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Biological Sciences

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Rob Snyder

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Spring 4-22-2024