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The Global Migration crisis started in 2015, when refugees began arriving on the shores of Europe. Europe had not seen a large-scale movement of refugees from middle eastern countries. This tested long standing agreements that defined relations between European countries. As a result, countries began to seek measures to restrict the flow of migrants across the continent. Migrants were meet with hostility from local populations and not welcomed by communities. The point of this honors project was to explore the social changes that the migration crisis caused. The historical backgrounds of different European countries helped dictate how they responded to the crisis. In my project I take into consideration historical backgrounds and use them to formulate why a country responded in the way that it did. This may help improve the refugee experience moving forward as the world becomes increasingly interconnected.


Political Science


Political Science

First Advisor

Neal Jesse

First Advisor Department

Political Science

Second Advisor

Kristie Foell

Second Advisor Department

International Studies

Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2024