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This essay delves into the captivating and lasting influence of vampires on popular culture since their creation. The fascination with vampires can be traced back to literary works such as John Polidori's "The Vampyre" and Bram Stoker's classic "Dracula," which have served as foundations for vampire mythology across different media platforms. Despite the evolution of media and cultural contexts, certain themes surrounding vampires have persisted throughout history. Notably, vampires have been portrayed as symbols of sexuality and queerness, reflecting societal fears and desires from past eras to the present day. These themes have been critically analyzed and dissected in various iterations of vampire mythology. The historical origins of vampire lore and its evolution through different eras, regions, and creators have been meticulously examined to understand the enduring relevance and adaptability of vampire mythology.

Contemporary representations of vampires in popular culture continue to reflect and interrogate cultural anxieties surrounding identity and sexuality. This essay aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the lasting fascination with vampires and their role as mirrors of human desires and fears throughout history. This essay highlights the profound impact of vampires on popular culture, from their origins in literature to their continued influence in contemporary media. The themes surrounding vampires have remained consistent throughout history, reflecting and interrogating cultural anxieties surrounding identity and sexuality. By analyzing the evolution of vampire mythology, this essay illuminates the enduring relevance and adaptability of this genre and its continued resonance with audiences.

Coming Out of the Coffin:

The History and Present of Queerness in the Vampire Genre.


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Art – BFA in Graphic Design

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Lara Lengel

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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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Andrea Cardinal

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School of Art

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Shawna Babula

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Spring 4-21-2024