Honors Projects


The purpose of my Honors Project is to develop a framework for designing a storybook that can be used as a communication tool with minimally speaking autistic children. The project answers two clinically relevant questions within the field of Speech-Language Pathology.

  1. What do we know from prior literature about the use of storybooks to support communication in minimally speaking autistic children?
  2. What factors are important to consider in designing a storybook for minimally speaking autistic children?

I conducted a literature review exploring adapted storybooks and autistic children’s special interests to answer the project questions. Informed by this knowledge, I have designed a prototype of a storybook which can be used as a communication tool. In designing this storybook, I reflect on the design process, I explain considerations in creating the storybook, and provide suggestions for how the storybook can be utilized in a speech and language therapy setting. Additionally, I provide guidelines on how such storybooks can be co-created with minimally speaking autistic children using a participatory approach and leveraging their special interests. A storybook communication tool such as the one developed in this project could be impactful in increasing the child’s engagement in interactions with their clinicians, teachers, and/or family members. Speech-language pathologists looking for creative ways to support the communication and agency of minimally speaking children on the autism spectrum can consider utilizing such personalized and adapted storybooks in their clinical services.


Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders

First Advisor

Siva priya Santhanam

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Second Advisor

Colleen Boff

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Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2024