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In the realm of legal frameworks governing the service and consumption of alcohol, Dram Shop Liability Laws play a pivotal role in holding establishments accountable for the consequences of alcohol-related incidents. These laws, known as dram laws, vary across states, delineating the responsibilities of alcohol servers and establishments in preventing the overconsumption of alcohol and the resultant harm. This examination delves into a comprehensive background of dram laws, particularly focusing on their historical evolution, their present implications, and the imperative need for refinement.

As societal dynamics and patterns of alcohol consumption evolve, so too must the legislative mechanisms designed to regulate them. With a specific focus on Ohio, this paper seeks to provide a nuanced understanding of the state's current dram laws, examining their strengths and shortcomings.

The state of Ohio, like many others, faces an ongoing challenge in balancing the interests of its residents, the hospitality industry, and public safety. This paper proposes a re-examination of Ohio's dram laws, arguing for reforms that align with contemporary realities and uphold the highest standards of accountability. Through an historical analysis and a critical evaluation of the existing legal landscape, the research aims to identify areas where the current policies fall short in ensuring public safety and explore avenues for legislative improvements. By addressing gaps in the existing legislation, we can strive toward a safer and more responsible culture surrounding alcohol consumption.


Journalism and Public Relations



First Advisor

Dr. James Foust

First Advisor Department

Journalism and Public Relations

Second Advisor

Dr. Melissa Burek

Second Advisor Department

Criminal Justice

Publication Date

Spring 4-30-2024