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The Medicine Men program addresses the imbalance in gender representation in low and middle-level healthcare careers. The program uses a website named Medicine Match to achieve this goal, which offers shadowing, talking, and additional resources with verified medical professionals. Medicine Match provides an engaging platform for individuals interested in exploring healthcare careers. The program's methodology involves creating connections between aspiring professionals, following the path of role models, fostering a sense of community, and educating and empowering target populations. Through a theoretical test and analysis, Medicine Men seeks to demonstrate its efficacy in increasing interest, knowledge, and comfort among male students pursuing healthcare careers.


Honors Program


Health Science

First Advisor

Sharon Schaeffer

First Advisor Department

Public and Allied Health

Second Advisor

Steve Koppitsch

Second Advisor Department


Third Advisor

Madison Stump-Smith

Third Advisor Department

Honors Program

Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2024