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All students have experienced low motivation at one point in their academic career, but what are the factors that can affect this? Is it solely based on their personality and work ethic, or can the environment have an effect? This study discusses the effects on mental health through architecture. Can the amount of natural light in a building affect the motivation of students? Natural light is something that is often overlooked, mostly considered as a perk rather than a necessity. How can students truly feel passionate about their work sitting in a dark place? To evaluate this data, this study uses a survey directed at BGSU students to understand how students feel when they receive natural light and how it affects them.


Architecture and Environmental Design


Architecture and Environmental Design

First Advisor

Linda Beall

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Architecture and Environmental Design

Second Advisor

Marlise Lonn

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Mental Health and School Counselling

Third Advisor

Madison Stump-Smith

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Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2024