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This project aims to provide a thorough examination of the English language education landscape in the Czech Republic, shedding light on key aspects such as the age of initiation, fluency attainment expectations, and the influence of various educational tracks. It delves into the sociocultural factors shaping English language acquisition, including the perceived necessity of learning English, parental language practices, and generational differences in proficiency. To capture the perspectives of American English teachers working in the Czech Republic, my research explores their attitudes, expectations, and challenges. This considers factors such as the necessity of knowing the Czech language and the perception of the Czech population towards American teachers. Additionally, my study investigates the cultural dynamics that influence the Czech education system, with a focus on understanding the nature of the student-teacher relationship. Methodologically, my research is a comprehensive approach. It combines an analysis of pre-existing scholarly works with firsthand insights gathered through interviews with an American teacher who has taught English in the Czech Republic. This project seeks to bridge existing knowledge gaps on this specific topic. The significance of this research lies in its potential to provide valuable insights for aspiring teachers. It is personally significant to me, as it aligns with my future goal to become an English teacher in this context. In addition, this project incorporates a creative component to synthesize English Education with my background in International Studies. A practical resource titled "A Beginner's Guide to Teaching English in the Czech Republic" was developed, drawing on the findings from my research. It includes fun facts, cultural insights, and a mini language guide, to serve as an accessible and easy guide.


International Studies


International Studies

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Dr. Fernanda Capraro

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Dr. Shannon Orr

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Political Science

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Spring 4-18-2024