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Foreign language speaking anxiety is a prevalent issue impacting language learners' confidence, participation, and overall language acquisition. With personal experiences as a language learner, a Spanish teacher in the United States, and an English teacher in Spain, I have observed how foreign language speaking anxiety affects learners from various demographics. Using a combined approach of personal observations, experiences as a language learner and teacher, and secondary research this project aims to address the primary sources of foreign language speaking anxiety among high school students and how both students and teachers can work to lessen the negative effects of foreign language speaking anxiety on students’ language acquisition. The investigation explores how teacher-student interactions, peer interactions, classroom environment, and teaching methodologies influence anxiety levels and identifies effective strategies for reducing foreign language speaking anxiety among students. Findings suggest that foreign language speaking anxiety significantly impacts language learners' progress and self-confidence, but proactive measures, such as creating a positive classroom environment, promoting self-confidence, and encouraging participation, can help alleviate this anxiety. The implications highlight the need for educational systems to integrate specialized training for teachers and personalized approaches to identify and address individual triggers of foreign language speaking anxiety. By implementing such strategies, educators can effectively support students in managing foreign language speaking anxiety and fostering language proficiency growth.


World Languages and Cultures


World Language Education

First Advisor

Dr. Susana Juarez

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World Languages and Cultures

Second Advisor

Anastasiia Kryzhanivska

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Publication Date

Winter 12-5-2023