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The Covid-19 pandemic prompted a global shift to remote work and education, challenging traditional teaching methods. This research explores the effectiveness of audiovisual versus visual-only guides in teaching perch dissection anatomy, safety, and procedure. The study involves a cross-sectional experiment with students from an Introduction to Biology course at Bowling Green State University. Participants were divided into groups using either a video or a written guide, and their knowledge was assessed before and after the dissection. Results calculated through a Student’s t-test indicate no significant difference in overall effectiveness between the two methods, apart from labeling an anatomy diagram and in answering questions about dissection procedure. Future research should also consider incorporating actual dissections as assessments to compare effectiveness with these remote options. While this study may not conclusively determine the optimal method, it emphasizes the importance of adapting teaching strategies in the evolving landscape of remote learning.


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Art – BFA in Digital Arts

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Jeffrey Miner

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Biological Sciences

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Mark Seals

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Spring 4-22-2024