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This research was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of an Educational framework known as the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in a set of lesson plans published by a nationally recognized organization. The intention of this focus was to push major professional organizations in mathematics education to produce inclusive resources for all students. UDL is an opportunity to increase accessibility of curriculum for students by reducing barriers to learning that play a role in educational inequity, and generally the goal of UDL is that lessons are made accessible preemptively to benefit all students rather than for individual students as the lesson is being taught. This paper depicts the methodology used to accurately and precisely evaluate each of the sixteen published lessons, the quantitative results of the research, and the implications of the findings. The quantitative results consider specific elements of UDL and standards for mathematical practice depicted within the lessons.




Integrated Mathematics Education

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Brooks R Vostal

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Sandra L Zirkes

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Jodi Lambdin Devine

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Fall 12-1-2023