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Jacob JosephFollow


The Recognition-Conversation-Reflection (hereafter “RCR”) framework is modeled after popular change management frameworks for accomplishing projects and goals, utilizing concepts found often in business management and strategy. While traditionally these ideas are found in the workplace, they also serve as complex practices that can be used in various contexts. The music industry is composed of a plethora of professions exploring vast genres and interpretations of melody around the world. Despite its diverse perspectives, music is rooted in performance involving ensembles of varying capacities. With the complexities of the RCR framework and the diversity of the music industry, the question I looked to answer in this project is “What principles can be extrapolated in juxtaposing business constructs with musical performance?” Through applying the RCR framework developed by the author in the creation and performance of the Bowling Green State University Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra, a conventional perspective and answer to this question can be established. RCR provides the tangible and intangible reasoning for the usage of business concepts through a musical lens.





Second Major

Jazz Studies

First Advisor

David Bixler

First Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Second Advisor

Gene Trantham

Second Advisor Department


Third Advisor

C. Theodor Forde-Stiegler

Third Advisor Department

Leadership Studies

Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2023