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Standard methods of teaching classroom material can generally work effectively for educating the majority of a class’s students, but some students may still struggle to find the information to be comprehensive, enjoyable to learn, or even necessary. Alternative methods of instruction can be used to educate students in different ways, and this study looks into the educational merit that a board game can provide to learning new material. Previous research has shown the effectiveness of board games on various elements of education, and this project addresses the findings of previous works to predict the effects that a game will have on learning. This project involves the construction of a board game which was created specifically for educational purposes with the goal of teaching the process of how a bill becomes a law in the American government. A pre-test and a post-test were created alongside the game and the questions ask about the information within the game. The game designed for this project is designed in a way that could allow for this type of learning method to be used within a real classroom setting.


Political Science



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Political Science

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Dominic Wells

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Political Science

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Nancy Patterson

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Publication Date

Spring 5-23-2023