Honors Projects




Brooke E. Mason


The focus of this project is the issue of urban sprawl in Bowling Green, Ohio. The author chose to address this issue through art by using oil painting because it is the medium the author is most comfortable with. She decided that she wanted to create a series of images that showed the development of Bowling Green over time. The paintings would then be hung in series to show the audience the changes over time. She chose art to express her idea because art provides a way to engage others, in order to hopefully teach them something. She wanted to create compelling images that would compel her audience to question their notions of development and suburbanism, as well the cost of sprawl to the environment.


Environmental Policy and Analysis

First Advisor

Holly Myers

First Advisor Department

Environment and Sustainability

Second Advisor

Lou Krueger

Second Advisor Department

School of Art

Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2012

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