Honors Projects

All Clear: A journal for sexually active Accutane users who can become pregnant

Taylor Petersen


Accutane is a pill-based derivative of Vitamin A used to treat cystic acne. The process to start and continue the medication each month is tedious and full of potential for error. This is especially true for female patients who are able to become pregnant as they have the additional step of monitoring and updating their birth control through an online portal. Patients are treated like numbers and there is little to no customization within Accutane treatment from patient to patient. To make this worse, reliable information about the drug is scarce and many turn to social media platforms or other less trustworthy sources to obtain guidance. To address the many issues present in Accutane treatment, I’ve created a workbook that would make it easier for users to access information about the medication, track their progress, and overall make the treatment more efficient for the patient and everyone involved as well. All Clear is designed for female patients who are able to become pregnant and will guide them through the treatment with journaling prompts and activities, creating a sense of individuality within their Accutane course.